If you live outside of Thailand and plan on visiting or living there, you must enter on a Thai visa. This is required by Thai Immigration Laws and is mandatory for long-term stays.Thai visas are stamps or documents needed so that you can go to Thailand. When you arrive in Thailand, and are at the airport, it is stamped. The visa can also be obtained in your current home country through a Thai consulate or embassy.There are a variety of types of visas that are issued by Thai embassies or consulates. Each visa is dedicated for certain travel purpose such as tourism, business, and more.

The first type of Thai visa is a tourist visa; these visas are ideal for tourists and allow the individual(s) to stay for up to 60 days with a 30 day extension. This visa is not for business or employment purposes. The second type of Thai visa is business visa which allows one to stay for business purposes. Those who are employed or sponsored by Thai company are eligible for this visa and are granted entry for 90 days for single and 1 year for multiple. Education is another visa that individuals can apply for and obtain; this visa is for the purposes of studying in Thailand. The student must attend a certified international school and can stay for 90 days of one year depending on if the stay is for one or multiple entries. The fourth type of visa is retirement or marriage; the retiree has to be 50 years or older, and the marriage must be to a Thai National. Individuals with this visa are allowed to enter Thailand and stay for 90 days for a single entry; for multiple entries, individuals are able to stay for 1 year. For each type of visa, there are different eligibility criteria; if you meet the criteria, you are eligible to apply for the visa and are likely to be accepted.

For each type of visa, you require certain documents; applying for a visa may require some fee which can change at any time. Some of the documents that are required when applying for a Thai visa include passport or travel document, visa application form which has already been completed, a recent 4×6 photo of the individual applying, an arrival and departure ticket, that has been paid in full, and proof of finances for the duration of your trip. The finances are 20 000 for individuals and 40 000 baht for families. You may also have provide documents that aid in proving certain criteria such as a marriage certificate, spouse ID card, and valid passport.

In order to apply and obtain a visa, you must visit a Thai consulate or embassy. There are different locations where these are located; they provide information about which Thai visa is ideal for you and your travel purposes and can assist you in the application of getting a Thai visa. Some embassies and consulates provide packages that will help you with the process. These packages consist of a visa application form, supporting documents that are required, consultation with a Thai immigration specialist, and a documents checklist for the Immigration office. It is important to have all of your research and documents completed before applying for a visa; this will make the application easier. In some locations, you can apply in person or by mail. Applications may take numerous days to process and complete.