Transportation: How to Get Around Bangkok

Getting ready for any trip can be a tedious process. The type of planning needed, however, is often determined by where the individual will be going, who the person will be traveling with, how long they will be away from home and what itinerary will they be following once they reach their intended destinations. All of which can keep an individual quite busy prior to leaving on business or vacation. Fortunately, when people are preparing their itineraries today, they have a wide range of resources that they can depend on. In some cases, the individual may simply contact a travel agent to make all of the essential arrangements or the person may choose to look online for ideas. Either way, the pre-planning trip process is essential to having a smooth, safe and uneventful trip.

Bangkok tuk-tuks

Bangkok tuk-tuks

So, for those of you who will be traveling to Bangkok, there is some invaluable information that you will need to know. Specifically, if you are planning to tour different parts of the city while you are there. For instance, if you are planning to shop in ChinaTown or eat at some of the favorite restaurants in the surrounding areas, you will need to know what kind of transportation that you will need to get to the right places by a specific time. It is also important to know that there are several different modes of transportation in the city that the person can expect to see and use while they are in the city or on the outskirts.

With this being said, here are some common forms of transportation that people should search for. Firstly, people should know that it is relatively easy to get caught in traffic any time of the day or night. In fact, the traffic in Bangkok is notorious for being problematic and relatively complex. However, if tourists know what is available to them, they can get around relatively easy. For instance, to avoid getting in traffic that causes the tourists to be involved in a gridlock, they should spend some time figuring out how to best navigate their way through. This means they should make sure that they are familiar with all of the modes of transportation that will be available to them and how much the fare will be as they travel so that they will be prepared in advance.

The Bangkok Skytrain

The Bangkok Skytrain

It is also important to note that taxis are relatively easy to find since they are available at most any time of the day and night and they can be found on virtually every corner. Also, if the person or a group is looking to ride on the city’s modern transportation, they may want to take a ride not their Skytrain. Or, based on where the tourists will be going, they may choose the underground rail systems. In fact, both are excellent modes of transportation if the person wants to visit the malls so that they can shop for all kinds of great items that they can take back home with them.

Jobs That Let You Travel

You can now take your love for travel and turn it into a career. There are a number of jobs that will allow you to travel and see the world. These jobs require different skills but all of them allow the chance to travel rather frequently.

Executive Assistant

While this may not be the most glamorous job assistants to executive and other high power professionals get to travel on corporate trips with their boss. They need their assistants to schedule meetings, keep clients happy, and other functions of this employment. They need attend meetings and will get to see places all around the country. If you work for a large enough company you may get to travel all around the world.

Trades Technician

You might not know it, but many workers in trades are constantly on the move, whether they work on oil fields and rigs, work on ships, or have another job that may grant them long hours on the jobs with long periods of time off. Most of these workers have specific, in-demand skillsets along with no family attachments. This allows them to be work in inhospitable areas without attachments. An aquaintance works part of the year at a heating and AC business in New Jersey for part of the year, then works the other part of the year in Alaska oil fields.

Truck Drivers

Long haul trucking is good if you like to drive and do not mind being on the road. These drivers can go from one coast to the next and see some great places along the way. While drivers do have to meet deadlines they can see some interesting places while on the road.

Flight Attendants

This job will allow you to travel all around the world and see a number of different countries. You do not need to have a college degree to do this job. There is a certification program that is offered through the Federal Aviation Administration and once you pass it you can work as a flight attendant. While the hours are often abnormal and some of the customers can be testy this job allows you to constantly travel. While the flight is waiting its return you will be able to check out hundreds of locations all over the world. There are even free or discounted flights if your family members want to come along.

Retail Buyer

This job is great if you love to travel and enjoy the latest in fashion as well. This job sends their buyers to fashion show , conferences, and vendor meetings all around the world to look for the latest in fashion. The buyer will decide what current fashion trends the company that they work for should sell to consumers. The buyers will get to travel to see the latest trends and see the world while they are at it.

Event Coordinator

Event coordinators for larger companies get to see the country. They will get to travel to different locations and plan festivals and trade shows. They will get to meet with vendors all over the country and find an area where they think the event will do well. The coordinators are involved with everything from the event planning to the cleanup. There are many open jobs in the field for people that enjoy traveling.


This job may seem boring to some people until they learn all the different opportunities they will have to travel. The auditor is assigned to a location to check the book and make sure everything is in order. They may spend a couple of weeks at one destination. When the job is done they will be assigned to another.


Companies need someone to solve problems. The consultant is a professional problem solver and need to have specialized knowledge. When a client is having an issue the consultant will be sent to their destination in order to find a way to fix the problem. Customers often like to see the people they are trusting with their livelihood which offers the chance to travel to many different locations.

Civil Servant

This job is through the Department of State. The civil servant will allow a person to mix the love for the country and their love for travel. There are hundreds of different jobs that are listed with the Department of State to represent the United States all around the world. There are over 250 different embassies that a person can check out which will allow them the chance to travel frequently.

These are just some of the jobs that may be for you and your love to travel. These jobs do not offer the standard workday hours but they do offer the chance for you to see the world. These jobs will allow travel throughout the country and even internationally. They are ideal for people that love to travel and see other cultures.


Thai Visas: How to Get One

If you live outside of Thailand and plan on visiting or living there, you must enter on a Thai visa. This is required by Thai Immigration Laws and is mandatory for long-term stays.Thai visas are stamps or documents needed so that you can go to Thailand. When you arrive in Thailand, and are at the airport, it is stamped. The visa can also be obtained in your current home country through a Thai consulate or embassy.There are a variety of types of visas that are issued by Thai embassies or consulates. Each visa is dedicated for certain travel purpose such as tourism, business, and more.

The first type of Thai visa is a tourist visa; these visas are ideal for tourists and allow the individual(s) to stay for up to 60 days with a 30 day extension. This visa is not for business or employment purposes. The second type of Thai visa is business visa which allows one to stay for business purposes. Those who are employed or sponsored by Thai company are eligible for this visa and are granted entry for 90 days for single and 1 year for multiple. Education is another visa that individuals can apply for and obtain; this visa is for the purposes of studying in Thailand. The student must attend a certified international school and can stay for 90 days of one year depending on if the stay is for one or multiple entries. The fourth type of visa is retirement or marriage; the retiree has to be 50 years or older, and the marriage must be to a Thai National. Individuals with this visa are allowed to enter Thailand and stay for 90 days for a single entry; for multiple entries, individuals are able to stay for 1 year. For each type of visa, there are different eligibility criteria; if you meet the criteria, you are eligible to apply for the visa and are likely to be accepted.

For each type of visa, you require certain documents; applying for a visa may require some fee which can change at any time. Some of the documents that are required when applying for a Thai visa include passport or travel document, visa application form which has already been completed, a recent 4×6 photo of the individual applying, an arrival and departure ticket, that has been paid in full, and proof of finances for the duration of your trip. The finances are 20 000 for individuals and 40 000 baht for families. You may also have provide documents that aid in proving certain criteria such as a marriage certificate, spouse ID card, and valid passport.

In order to apply and obtain a visa, you must visit a Thai consulate or embassy. There are different locations where these are located; they provide information about which Thai visa is ideal for you and your travel purposes and can assist you in the application of getting a Thai visa. Some embassies and consulates provide packages that will help you with the process. These packages consist of a visa application form, supporting documents that are required, consultation with a Thai immigration specialist, and a documents checklist for the Immigration office. It is important to have all of your research and documents completed before applying for a visa; this will make the application easier. In some locations, you can apply in person or by mail. Applications may take numerous days to process and complete.