5 Excellent Bangkok Pubs

Make no mistake – Bangkok is a city that likes to party more than most, and has a nightlife that seemingly never seems to stop! Whenever deciding to join in the party, the great news is that there’s a vast array of excellent Bangkok pubs to be found, so here’s a run through of five of the best.

Cloud 47

A recent trend in Bangkok has been the rise in the number of rooftop bars, and one of the most recently opened and best is the awesome Cloud 47. Access is by elevator from a discreet doorway at street level, and opens up onto a super-cool terrace where the beautiful people come to meet!

This isn’t a place to drink too much and dance upside down – it’s a destination to delight in the amazing views over the city while enjoying some of the best cocktails on the continent.


If the inevitable culture shock of this awesome city is getting too much, why not take a moment to relax in more familiar company with a classic cocktail made by some of the best bartenders in the world. Such is the draw of Bangkok that Vesper can import it’s bar team from across the globe to serve the classics as they should be enjoyed.

The ‘clubbish’ atmosphere is laid back, welcoming and a very refreshing addition to the local scene.

Titanium Ice Bar

A pub with a club is never a bad thing, and often in Bangkok it’s tricky to separate the two at times! This multiple floor destination offers everything under one roof, from a pulsing club that hosts the best DJ’s in the country to an Ice Bar that has an unimaginable range of spirits and cocktails to enjoy.

If you need a breather – there’s a super cool lounge/chill out area too where expats and locals mingle in comfortably decadent style.

Beer Vault

Sometimes you may want a ‘proper’ beer rather than the generic lagers that are found throughout most of SE Asia, and there’s no where better to solve this conundrum than an evening at Beer Vault.

Offering a proper pub style with long benches interspersed with convivial tables, this place is now a destination thanks to offering a range of over one hundred imported beers!

Cheap Charlies

A genuine institution that is essentially little more than a converted shack, this has been a haunt for tourists, expats and so-inclined locals for decades – and the decor prove’s it! ‘Gifts’ from previous patrons make up most of the decor, ranging from the bizarre to the outrageous and it’s now so fabled that it’s a must see Bangkok institution.

Even better, and as the name may well suggest, it’s also phenomenally cheap!