Some people enjoy traveling in their homeland and abroad since they like to visit all kinds of interesting places, while also eating delicious foods and drinking different tasting beverages. Fortunately, part of the fun does not always begin when they arrive at their location, but may also start before leaving home. This is because some people love getting their trip together by picking and choosing the best places to go. So, for those of you who are looking to visit places like Bangkok in the near future, here’s 3 great fun things to do when you and your family arrive at your destination.

Enjoy a day at the China Town Market

China Town Market in Thailand

Haggle for something in the China Town market!

When people are writing down the places that they want to go in Bangkok, there are some places that they must go. Some of which they hear about when they are very young. Typically, one of the most popular places that most people normally hear about over the years is Chinatown. Located off the main road, Chinatown can be described as a series of small roads, back streets and narrow alleys that’s filled with over two centuries of cultural traditions. In the past, this area was well known for being a place that was packed with pawn shops, gambling joints, brothels and the like. However, as the years have passed, the scenery for tourists has completely been revised into a great place for buying all kinds of delicious cultural foods, fabrics and gold. Also, when tourists reach this area in Bangkok, it is also important note that its best to take a map so that everyone will know in advance where the best treasures will be.

The Khlongs Tour

Klongs long boat tour

Take a Thai long boat tour.

In addition to touring China Town, another popular fun activity that people can do is take the Khlongs Tour. This tour is ideal for tourists who wan to avoid the over-crowded ferries, tourist hordes, highly overcharged souvenirs and the huge money-making charades. Instead, this tour gives the individual an awesome sense of how the people in Bangkok lived year ago. For instance, they will have an opportunity to see stilted shacks, dilapidated lean-tos and old wooden townhouses.

Tourists can also take advantage of hiring a tour guide to rent a long tail boat that’s called hang yao. A hang yao can be rented from one of the major tourists piers so that everyone in the party can explore the area via the water. Before taking this tour, its best for the tourists to obtain a firm price on how much the trip will cost per hour prior to making the trip. The guides on the tours normally understand a minimal amount of english so people should plan accordingly.

Soi Rambuttri

Soi Rambuttri market

Take a trip to Soi Rambuttri.

Because there are so many different experiences gained from each type of activity, people can pick and choose to enjoy multiple areas of the city that they want to visit. In specific, visitors can take a trip to Soi Rambuttri prior to living the city. People normally like to visit this part of the city because it is well known for being one the most attractive. Also, there are some streets in the area that has a great mixture of guest houses, restaurants and street food stalls.